Kathie Hurley Shares Her Memories

Kathie Hurley Where are they now?

Kathie Hurley handled Public Relations/Development for Chapel Haven from 1992 – 1997. She is still in touch with many CHSC adults and share a deep love for our mission. In the photo above, she is at the far left, first row, in sunglasses.

“My memories of Chapel Haven were all made away from the ‘Chapel Haven campus,’ engaging in theatre performances around Connecticut, ‘lobbying trips’ to Washington, DC, exploring Disney World, Canada and Ireland, spending beach weekends at Chapel Haven’s Milford cottage, and winning a gold medal in our Special Olympics Unified Team sport, I was always invited to see and share the world through Chapel Haven residents’ and graduates’ eyes. Those eyes taught me plenty about the world we all inhabit. What a lifetime gift of memories and lessons!”

Kathie was happy to share her memories, and her greatest wish for CHS going forward.

“My wish is for the Community to thrive while lending their insights and ‘eyes’ to the Greater New Haven Community. Happy 50th!”

Thank you, Kathie, for staying in touch and supporting our mission all these years!

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