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Our Chapel Haven participants in Project PAVE have had an amazing year learning about the professional workplace and making friends and admirers in each of the offered internships at Yale-New Haven Hospital. Kristine Fornaby, PAVE Program Coordinator for Chapel Haven, said, “This wonderful group of volunteers has contributed almost 500 hours each to the hospital […]

Chapel Haven has a history of attracting caring, dedicated staff, who stay on the job long beyond the national turnover rate in this field. Chapel Haven’s staff turnover rate averages about 8 percent in a field that where the rate can approach 50% and higher, affecting the quality of care provided to clients. At an […]

Chapel Haven West was featured on News 4 KVOA, the local NBC news affiliate. The segment includes an interview with Chapel Haven West Executive Director Kenneth Hosto and follows Chapel Haven West graduate and community member Erik Rowe at our campus and at his job. To see the story, click Chapel Haven West Helps Young […]

A residential student at Chapel Haven West was interviewed by the local NBC TV news affiliate, KVOA, regarding a new way to detect autism in high-risk infants. Thomas Sheliga, who hails from Houston, TX, did a great job sharing his opinion on the importance of early detection. Here’s the news clip: New study finds method […]