Sherry Robitaille, Vice President, Compliance

Sherry develops, implements, and periodically evaluates Chapel Haven’s quality assurance and improvement program to ensure it meets the quality, integrity, and efficiency standards set by Chapel Haven Schleifer Center’s mission and strategic goals. In collaboration with leadership and staff Sherry directs and coordinates quality performance/improvement and systemwide initiatives. Sherry develops administrative and program policies, oversees CHSC’s compliance and auditing functions for all departments and programs including compliance with state regulations and CARF accreditation standards.


Sherry received her B.S. in Community Health from Western Connecticut State University and enter the field working with adults with traumatic brain injury in 1998 before joining the Chapel Haven team in 2003.

    Sherry Robitaille
    Vice President, Compliance
    (203) 397-1714 – ext. 114