Sunny Richards, Senior Vice President, Community Programs

Sunny joined the Senior Leadership Team earlier this year after enjoying 30 years working in a variety of capacities at Chapel Haven Schleifer Center. Since 1993, she has served hundreds of our adults and their families as they transitioned from the REACH Program to living independently in the community, and later, back to campus by way of our Schleifer Adult Independent Living Program (SAIL). Motivated to serve in a meaningful way, Sunny’s dedication to our mission is evidenced in the fabric of our community, that now includes the Supported Living Program (SLP), Schleifer Adult Independent Living Program (SAIL), Recreation Program (Rec.) and Benefits. 

Known by many in Westville, Sunny has enjoyed fostering relationships with our community partners, including area religious organizations, medical professionals & home health organizations, private contractors, public safety, local dignitaries, and property owners/managers, among others. Always up for an adventure, Sunny will often step in and assist our families as they navigate Federal, State and Local government entities. Any questions regarding the State of Connecticut, DDS and DSS can usually be answered by her or one of her team members. Sunny is a graduate of Southern Connecticut State University with a bachelor’s degree in psychology.   

Sunny Richards
Sr. Vice President Community Programs,
Chapel Haven Inc.
(203) 397-1714 ext. 204