Congrats to the Pave Class of 2017!

Chapel Haven’s PAVE program at Yale-New Haven Hospital has won some wonderful press coverage.

Both the New Haven Register and News Channel 8 did stories on the graduation ceremony, which took place June 15 at Yale-New Haven Hospital.

Click here to read coverage in the New Haven Register.

To see a story that aired on News Channel 8, click here:

Our Chapel Haven participants in Project PAVE have had an amazing year learning about the professional workplace and making friends and admirers in each of the offered internships at Yale-New Haven Hospital.

Kristine Fornaby, PAVE Program Coordinator for Chapel Haven, said, “This wonderful group of volunteers has contributed almost 500 hours each to the hospital since September. They have truly become members of the hospital workforce and will be missed when they graduate.”

Through PAVE, individuals from various Chapel Haven programs independently travel to Yale New Haven Hospital 5 days per week, where they participate in vocationally-oriented classroom instruction and complete a 3.5 hour shift in one of many hospital departments.  Participants spend a year working side by side with hospital staff, and are held to the same standards expected of any employee.  The goal is to help them gain job skills, learn to work as part of a team, understand the rules of a workplace and be better positioned to move into paid employment.

The PAVE volunteers have been busy on the job and beginning the search for paid employment. They have finished writing resumes, have collected references, are filling out job applications, and are fine-tuning their interview skills. In these last few weeks before they graduate, they continue to learn new tasks in their departments and practice workplace social skills. They have all applied for job development services with the CT Department of Rehabilitation Services (DORS). A few have already gone through work evaluations and are actively applying and interviewing for jobs in the community.

Congratulations to 6 Chapel Haven clients who graduated this year.  Here, they share a little of what they learned:

Adam Boekman: “I learned how to organize boxes and supplies, how to use a pilot jack (like a mini forklift) and I also learned how to move the carts onto the trucks.  I also learned how to navigate around the hospital.  We also learned how to work with DORS.”

John Cranmer: “Some important things I’ve learned are; to look professional, be more punctual, and gained new work skills.”

Patrick Doyle: “I learned what it is like in the workplace, about interviews, and looking for a job.”
Jon Gaynor:  “I have learned how to be on time for work, work at a fast pace, and be a team player.”

Catherine Harris: “Some things I’ve learned are how to apply for jobs, by writing resumes and working by myself in my own department at the hospital. I found that I have great organizational skills at my department.”

Randall Womack: “During my time at PAVE, I have learned a lot. I have learned to put away patient supplies in the cabinets and count items on each bin. I even became a fast learner and fast worker there too.”

Volunteers have become essential parts of hospital departments such as Chemistry Lab, Operating Room Supply, Daycare, and Material Services, just to name a few.

For more information about PAVE, contact:
Kristine Fornaby, LCSW – or
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