Recently, Chapel Haven parents had the chance to nominate a staff person who they feel goes above and beyond in a campaign called “Chapel Haven Shining Stars.”

We got so many wonderful comments from families, who recognize that Chapel Haven employees go above and beyond to uphold our mission: of empowering our adults to live the best life they can live! If you are a parent or sibling looking to give a “shout-out” to a Chapel Haven employee as a Shining Star, send your comments to

Here are the comments we received from families about “shining star” staffers:

Amanda and John

Amanda Alteri   Amanda is kind, caring and reliable.  She provides constructive feedback that motivates

John to improve.  Amanda helps John form strategies to navigate his life.  John calls Amanda with

questions or concerns before he calls us.  He trusts her — which is everything.  She is a shining star!

Submitted by:  The Murphy Family

Debbie Elliott

Debbie Elliott     has been my daughter’s, Margaret Martin counselor for over 20 years.  Her guidance and friendship have made Margaret’s Chapel Haven experience the most valuable aspect of her life.

Submitted by:  Susan Martin



Rosemary Williams, shown here with Dylan

Rosemary Williams   She is very efficient and effective.  She provides a weekly status report promptly so we don’t have to ask.  The report is complete and there are no unanswered questions. She goes above and beyond and spends extra time with our daughter.  We can’t thank her enough for all she does. For example, Rosemary is taking our daughter to dinner to celebrate her birthday!

Submitted by:  Jennifer and Gil Lee

Rosemary Williams    She is extremely dedicated to the community members she supports.  We see

it first hand with Nick and Dylan.

Submitted by:  Gary Romeo


Tim C., shown with CH adults at a 5K



Tim Cenabre   His caring, commitment, support, thoughtfulness, dedication, patience and ability to put up with us.

Submitted by:  Michael Shwartz & Pam Goodman

(Tim) Is an awesome person and he is really motivated; he treats the clients with respect.

Submitted by:  Kim & Rich LaManna


Sunny Richards

Sunny Richards   advocates for residents – cares about individuals.

Submitted by:  Donna Steurmer


Sunny Richards    is my star.  She is dedicated, helpful, honorable – always there; ready and able to see a task throughI am most grateful to her.

Submitted by:  Barbara Landau




Sarah Davison

Sarah Davison  has been very committed and professional with our son, Thomas.  We have noticed

amazing improvement under her tutelage.

Submitted by:  The Ice Family


Ilona Perry   She has been consistently devoted to trying to support Andrew and set boundaries.  She has

Been reliable, responsible and patient.

Submitted by:  The Baum Family




Felicia Furino   Felicia always anticipates my daughter’s needs and shares any concerns immediatelyShe is absolutely incredible!

Submitted by:  Unknown – no signature


Erika Bertolini   because she tirelessly keeps my sister Ann from making mistakes and supports her in

every way making it possible for her to live independently!

Submitted by:  The Frank Family


Terri Console   She is always there for you …

Submitted by:   Unknown – no signature




Jason Hovey

Jason Hovey    Jason has been great with his work with Carl.  Carl is always singing his praise —

Often saying he needs to discuss his issues with Jason.  Jason is always available hen Carl need him.

We enthusiastically nominate Jason Hovey as a Shining Star!

Submitted by:  Muriel Pearson






Tina is an awesome person & she really is motivated, and she treats clients with respect.

Submitted by:  Kim & Rich LaManna