Zach S. on the job!

Zack S. joined the Chapel Haven West (CHW) family in July of 2014, where he proceeded through the two-year residential program learning and implementing independent living skills, social communication skills, and vocational skills.

Zack has always had a love for animals, so when thinking through internship opportunities he was able to begin his internship at a local dog groomers called Bark Avenue. He started out doing simple cleaning tasks, but soon started assisting the groomers with bathing the dogs.

Through his experience at Bark Avenue, Zack was then connected to a doggie daycare, boarding, and spa facility to participate in further internship experience. He began his new internship by completing online modules to receive a K-9 Certification to work one-on-one with the dogs. He works in the various playrooms interacting with dogs, cleaning up after the dogs, and doing a full clean-up during the dogs’ nap time.

“I love getting to work with the dogs,” Zack stated when asked what his favorite part of working at Dogtopia was.

Vocation Coordinator, Amy Tellez, met with Zack’s supervisor, Josh Garcia, to discuss how Zack has been progressing through his internship. “He does well”, Josh stated. “He used to only like working with the larger dogs, but soon learned the team dynamic and is now comfortable working with all of the dogs that come to visit us”.

“How do you think this internship will aide in your career goals?” Amy asked Zack.

Zack stated, “I want to continue working with domestic animals and then eventually move to working with wild life – possibly become a biologist someday.”

Zack has made great strides in the area of vocation. He has a strong dedication to animals and wakes up excited to attend work every day. He has a willingness to learn and an increased positive attitude about working through his challenges.

The team at Dogtopia all love working with Zack and he enjoys working with them as well. Zack is a valued member of the Dogtopia team. He is exciting to continue to grow and learn and continue towards his journey of vocational independence and success. The teams at Chapel Haven and Chapel Haven West are proud of Zack’s journey towards his vocational endeavors. Please congratulate him!