We are so excited that Chapel Haven Schleifer Center is extensively featured in Cammie McGovern’s new book, “Hard Landings, Looking into the Future for a Child with Autism.”

Cammie, the mother of a young adult with autism, visited Chapel Haven Schleifer Center in 2019 and reports at length – and positively – on her visit.

“Chapel Haven has produced…graduates who need fewer support hours than any I’ve heard of,” she writes.

After sleepless nights, intensive research, and twenty-one years of raising a child, Ethan, with autism and intellectual disability, Cammie is approaching a distinct catch-22. Once Ethan turns twenty-two, he will fall off the “Disability Cliff.” By aging out of the school system, he’ll lose access to most social, educational, and vocational resources. The catch is this: These resources, limited as they may be, have trained Ethan in skills for jobs that don’t exist and a life he can’t have. The book explores programs around the country, including those, like CHSC, that are producing positive results.

As the book’s PR notes, “McGovern spent a year traveling the country and looking at the options for work and housing–and to her surprise discovered reasons to be optimistic.”  Read more and order the book here https://www.penguinrandomhouse.com/…/hard-landings…/…