Allison folding spiritwear at Yale bookstore

Allison at Yale Bookstore

We are so excited that Chapel Haven Schleifer Center and one of our happily married couples, are featured in a new “A Place in the World” video in partnership with First Place Arizona AZ!

You can view the video here

Desiree Kameka Galloway and videographer Jonathan Adamson spent two days on our campus recently, interviewing and filming Allison and Jeff Blattmachr as they go about their independent lives. Both are REACH graduates and CHSC community members who are enjoying life as a married couple in our community.

Filming took place at Allison’s workplace, the Yale Bookstore in downtown New Haven, with an interview with General Manager Eric Nelson; as Allison took the bus home, as she did her banking and even during a social activity in their home. The film duo also interviewed CHSC President Michael Storz, VP of Admissions and Marketing Catherine Sullivan-DeCarlo and filmed an open house on campus on Sept 24.

Jonathan Adamson, Michael Storz and Desiree Kameka Galloway preparing for interview

The video is designed to inspire others with the life that Allison and Jeff have built in the CHSC community.

Desiree explained the focus of the videos:

“We have already captured footage of two other people who live in supportive housing communities in Texas and Arizona. These personal stories and the voices of others in their community will be overlayed with statistics that show when people with autism or other I/DD are able to access housing and needed supports, the whole community thrives. Our intent is to inspire and help other community leaders across the country recognize, support and even incentivize the development of residential solutions so this population does not have to be displaced, institutionalized or experience homelessness.”

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