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CHSC Community Shane Sardella wanted to visit Chicago because he has friends who come from the Windy City and they kept encouraging him to go check it out.

So that’s exactly what Shane did.

Independently, Shane planned a trip and traveled to Chicago on his own to take in the amazing sights.

“After a lot of research and planning, I used the money I earned from my job to pay for everything,” Shane said. “I booked my Airbnb, flights, and attractions. Then I secured the train ride to New York City and flew from LaGuardia Airport. I felt so proud of myself for planning this trip all on my own.”

Shane is a graduate of Chapel Haven’s REACH Program. He lives in his own apartment in the Westville community near Chapel Haven and works at the Starbucks in West Haven.

CHSC President Michael Storz said he is bursting with pride for Shane. “Our curriculum teaches our adults to live independent and self-empowered lives. How cool that Shane picked a City to visit, planned the trip and had a great time. I am proud of him!”

Congrats to Shane on such a great achievement!