The 2024 CHSC Sweat Equity Challenge has concluded! Let’s give a hand to the winners and all the completionists!
Highest Earning Team – ASAT
Highest Earning Community Member – Jessica
Highest Department Earners:
ASAT – Megan
SAIL – Zoe
SLP – Matthew
Highest earning staff member – Jen in ASAT


The SWEAT EQUITY 8 WEEK CHALLENGE is a fun, and friendly way to get fit and be rewarded for improving our fitness, nutrition, and lifestyle habits together! By joining the CHSC SWEAT EQUITY CHALLENGE you are committing to becoming a better version of yourself and our Wellness Squad has your back with daily lessons and weekly challenges! This is very different than a FAT LOSS CHALLENGE as not everyone needs to lose weight, these types of challenges aren’t always focused on health, and often very restrictive.

The SWEAT EQUITY CHALLENGE motivated lots of adults and staff at CHSC to pursue healthy life habits! 

The Prizes:
1. Highest Earning Department = Catered Victory Party
2. Highest Earning Overall Community Member – $100 Amazon Gift Card
3. Highest Earning Community Member Per Department – $50 Amazon Gift Card
4. All Participants that finish will receive a “Completionist” Certificate and entered into a randomized raffle to win a $10, $20, or $30 gift card!

Congrats to all!