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Chapel Haven Schleifer Center is delighted to announce the formation of a committee entitled CHAMP (Chapel Haven Accessibility Management and Planning) Team and our first official project!

CHAMP has had several meetings to survey CHSC’s facilities, events, website and other features to ensure that CHSC remains a fully accessible community that can be enjoyed by all, with a focus on aging and mobility challenges.

A grandmother and her grandson in wheelchair

Grandma GG with Andrew

The committee’s formation grew out of a generous bequest by the family of SAIL community member Andrew Burbank. You can read more below about who serves on the committee. When Andrew’s beloved grandmother, Gail Kagler (in photos), passed away recently, the Kagler family directed donations be made to CHSC with a specific aim to enhance inclusion of people with physical limitations. CHAMP is an important outgrowth of this support.

To that end, CHAMP is pleased to announce its first official project – enhancing SAIL for long-term accessibility needs by installing grab bars and safety rails in all SAIL apartment bathrooms. The project will begin this month and be completed by early spring.

We are grateful to the friends and family of Andrew Burbank and his “Grandma Gail,” better known as GG, for underwriting this project.

“GG attended the CHSC groundbreaking back in 2017 and loved visiting Andrew and his friends there every time she came to CT,” said Andrew’s mother, Kris. “The Kagler family is delighted that GG’s love for this wonderful community can help generate additional support through CHAMP, along with meaningful improvements to positively impact the lives of an increasing number of community members and residents.”

About the CHAMP Committee

We are proud that the following individuals are serving on our CHAMP committee:

  • Renée East, MS, Founder, Owner & Chief Consultant, Personal Care Solutions, LLC.
  • Catherine Sullivan DeCarlo – VP, Admissions and Marketing
  • Sherry Robitaille – Vice President, Compliance
  • Bradley Bopp – Dir. Operations, Security & I.T
  • Sunny Richards, Senior VP, Community Programs
  • Erik Rambush –Dir. Supported Living Program
  • Terri Console, SAIL Program Director
  •  Gillian Jasper, second-year REACH student
  • ·John Orr, CHSC community member and staffer

Questions? Contact Catherine DeCarlo