Jordan Girard

Jordan is a certified Special Education teacher who has been with Chapel Haven since 2005, and has served as a teacher in the REACH program … Read More >

Cherice L Grandy

Cherice began her career at Chapel Haven in March 1999 as a part time Life Skills Aide for the REACH Department. After 6 months, she began … Read More >

Tina Menchetti

Tina has been working at Chapel Haven for over 20 years. She started an art program two nights per week teaching ceramics to interested students … Read More >

Nancy Murray

Nancy Murray is Program Assistant to REACH at Chapel Haven Schleifer Center Inc., She comes to Chapel haven with more than… Read More >

Sue has been with Chapel Haven since 2008. She supervises the evening life skills program and Bridge in the evenings … Read More >

Danielle Drazen

Danielle Drazen is a certified special education teacher and is currently in the M.S. program in Special Education with an area of specialization in Assistive Technology at Southern Connecticut State University where she received her Initial Certification in Special Education… Read More>

Bill is a certified Special Education teacher who has taught in Chapel Haven’s REACH program since 2017.  Bill earned his Initial Special Education Certificate from Southern Connecticut State University and will return… Read More>