Jordan Girard

Jordan is a certified Special Education teacher who has been with Chapel Haven since 2005, and has served as a teacher in the REACH program … Read More >

Cherice L Grandy

Cherice began her career at Chapel Haven in March 1999 as a part time Life Skills Aide for the REACH Department. After 6 months, she began … Read More >


Tina Menchetti

Tina has been working at Chapel Haven for over 20 years. She started an art program two nights per week teaching ceramics to interested students … Read More >

Sue has been with Chapel Haven since 2008. She supervises the evening life skills program and Bridge in the evenings … Read More >

Nancy Murray

Nancy Murray is Program Assistant to REACH at Chapel Haven Schleifer Center Inc., She comes to Chapel haven with more than… Read More >

Erik Rambush

Erik Rambush is a certified special education teacher in our REACH program. He earned a BA in History from Fordham University and a… Read More >

Julian Sandoval

Julian is a special education teacher in the REACH program. He has been at Chapel Haven for over 4 years. During his first three years, he… Read More >