Chapel Haven West Staff



                                                          Sylvia McDavid


Sylvia is the Manager of Resources and Operations and is a member of the Leadership Team. Sylvia oversees multiple areas within the company and guides staff to perform to their best potential and achieve company-wide goals.  … Read More >
Alison Miller

As the Coordinator of the Community Life Program at Chapel Haven West (CHW), Alison Miller enjoys planning and facilitating daily programming as well as teaching adaptive life skills, CHW’s core curriculum, while providing a structured day program for… Read More >
Nicole Shows

Nicole Shows has been an integral member of the Chapel Haven West team since its inception in 2008. Nicole has taken on a variety of roles including Program Staff and Job Coach. Her passion to empower others helped her grow into her current role as  … Read More >
Emily DeWalt

Emily DeWalt is the Wellness Coordinator / Point Staff at Chapel Haven West in Tucson, Arizona. Emily has a B.S. in Public Health and a minor in Anthropology from the  University of Arizona. During her undergraduate career, she interned in worksite wellness… Read More >
Kelsey Gutschow

Kelsey Gutschow is the Vocational Coordinator for Chapel Haven West and has been part of the team since October 2020. Kelsey has a B.S. in Public Health from the University of Arizona.  Before working at Chapel Haven West, Kelsey has had a colorful… Read More >